Meet Paula from Gelare

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Introducing Paula, who you might recognise as the friendly, bubbly personality of Gelare.

Paula is the most genuine and caring person you will probably ever meet in your life. When you visit Gelare it’s like walking into her home, she’s welcoming and will go above and beyond to make sure you’re okay and being looked after.

Paula has been working for Gelare for 15 years and has been at Waterford Gelare for 3 years! Her favourite thing about her job is her customers, she refers to them as family and she loves when they tell her all about their day at school or work.

When you visit Gelare, you’ll see Paula gliding around the ice cream counter, cooking waffles and making coffee all at the same time as chatting to you about your day.

Recently she was talking to a customer, who said to her ‘I know you from somewhere’, well it turns out Paula used to work at the girl’s local Gelare and served her all the time when she was younger. The girl had recently moved to the local area for uni and is so happy to have found Paula again.

When Paula is not at work, you’ll find her crafting, whether that’s painting or her favourite; 5D diamond painting.

Gelare has a range of delicious options to choose from including ice cream (including vegan), waffles, sundaes, milkshakes and so much more! They also do great coffee.

Also incase you didn’t know Tuesday’s are the best day at Gelare with half priced waffles all day!

So make sure you pop in and see Paula for some of her signature waffles!