Meet Niamh from Boost!

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We’re so pleased to introduce you to Niamh, who works at Boost Juice

Niamh has worked at Boost for 3 years and absolutely loves her job, you’ve probably seen her smiling and bopping to the music whilst she makes your fav drink.

Her favourite thing about working at Boost is that everyday is different. She also loves interacting with her customers.

Niamh has the travel bug and is planning on doing a lot of travelling in her life. She’s an absolute whiz in the Boost kitchen and loves listening to music.

Her favourite drink from the menu is the Raspberry Ripe, and she also gave us the inside sip on the best flavours, which you can check out here.

Boost have a huge selection of fresh juices made right there for you while you wait. So many options to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice, you can check out their full menu here

And if you’re in the mood for Boost, you have to head in and see Niamh.