2nd Day - Thursday 13th December 2018

Today’s Jolly Jingle is “ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU”. This Jolly Jingle is only valid for the 13th December 2018.

The Christmas elves will appear between 12pm to 2pm at Waterford Plaza.

The Elves will randomly choose a shopper and ask a Waterford Plaza shopper, “Do you know the Jolly Jingle for today?”. No matter what they’re doing, the shopper must say the Jolly Jingle to instantly win!

The Jolly Jingle will be posted daily on the Waterford Plaza Facebook page and the website so make sure you keep up to date as only the current one will be accepted!

The giving could include the cost of your morning coffee, your lunch or even your last minute grocery shop for Christmas! You just never know how much you could receive!

So make sure you shop at Waterford Plaza from December 12th to December 24th and know the daily Jolly Jingle for your chance to win a share of $2500 across the 12 Days of Giving!